• Iwasawa Oriental Art

  • Where Do Dreams Go When They Die?
    Acrylic on canvas 24 x 24 inches
    by James Ong

  • Samurai Coat
    48 x 36 inches
    by Evelyn Consorti

  • by Patrali Paul

  • Mr. Katayama's Peony
    Oil on Canvas 24 x 24 inches
    by Marie Cameron


October 5 – October 14

Conversations With Culture

We are very excited to have an exhibition “Conversations With Culture” at Iwasawa Oriental Art, 75 Universitiy Ave in downtown Los Gatos.

It’s an exhibition arranged by Gallerist, Kumiko Iwasawa Vadas in her gorgeous, authentically Japanese Gallery to be part of Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area 2018.


October 6

Meet the artists for the "Conversations with Culture" show at Iwasawa Oriental Art

1:00 pm–5:00 pm

Lorraine Lawson

The visual texture of culture and nature are ever abundant influences in Lorraine’s richly layered abstract paintings. A sense of time, memory and place is conveyed by utilizing her collections of cultural ephemera such as books, magazines, papers found during her extensive travel. Lorraine is inspired by worn surfaces caused by natural and man made means. Old walls, doors and “street life” inform her intricate surfaces that become beautifully layered paintings.

Her art is the result of life conveyed by years of observing the world around her.

The Japanese notion of WabiSabi embodies the appreciation and honoring of that which is broken, acknowledging time-worn surfaces and the beauty of imperfection. This concept is key to her practice.
Her quiet dedication to the exploration of inspiration and techniques that express her view is tireless.

James Ong

James was born in Taiwan and came to the United States when he was five.
He is fluent in English, but Mandarin remains a mystery to him. He is East and West searching for a place to belong, while he paints his inner landscape.

As an ex-engineer, James attended the Academy of Art College (MFA Product Design). He has created marble toys, construction sets, sculptural blocks, mobiles, and paper sculptures.

James is interested in the creative process. Like a child at play, he creates abstract paintings by experimenting with the painting process. His paintings often depict imaginary things, places or memories. The themes of his paintings are memory, quiet places, impermanence, movement, energy, despair, and hope.

James is drawn towards Eastern thinking and aesthetics, especially Zen Buddhism and Japanese art and design because they free his imagination to wander and play
without constraint. His influences are Buddhism, Minimalism, Isamu Noguchi, Alexander Calder, Richard Diebenkorn, Agnes Martin, and Paul Klee.

Evelyn Consorti

Evelyne Consorti was born and raised in Marseilles, France. In 1987 she moved to the Bay Area.

Although she does not have a formal art training, wherever she lived (Milan and Paris as well as Arizona and Michigan) she attended art classes and learned techniques from artists with very different backgrounds. Throughout the years she developed her own personal style.

She finds her inspiration in both San Francisco's Chinatown and Japantown where Asia expresses its many facets She conveys the richness of silk in the beautiful kimonos, the smooth surface of ceramic of the sake jars or the transparency of the perfume bottles, and shares the emotions they evoked in her through her paintings.

Evelyne works in acrylics, juxtaposing layers of medium and pigment to achieve a sense of depth. She also adds paper collages to her paintings. The colors she uses are mostly warm hues of red, orange and brown. She uses a palette knife or a brush depending on the subject.

Evelyne mainly shows her work in private exhibitions and open studios. Her paintings are showcased in many private homes and businesses (venture capitalists, travel agencies) in the US as well as in Europe.

Marie Cameron

Marie Cameron is a narrative artist working in oil and mixed media assemblage from her studio in Los Gatos, California. Born in NYC, she grew up on the East Coast of Canada where she earned her BFA from Mount Allison University. Her award-winning work is exhibited, published and collected internationally.

Patrali Paul

Patrali is a contemporary multimedia abstract artist in Silicon Valley and Lake Tahoe who has painted all her life since her childhood. Having spent most of her adult life in the Valley and working in technology companies, she is now following her passion and dreams in visual arts. Nature and colors inspire her to create vibrant pieces that bring joy and happiness in any environment. You can view some of her work on her page www.facebook.com/patralisart.. She communicates her emotions of absorbing her surroundings via her pieces in the visual language of her artwork. She strives for her work to bring a spiritual and colorful harmony to homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and other spaces for your continued pleasure.

Hiroko Ohno

Hiroko Ohno is a visual artist uses Japanese pigments containing the memory of the Earth. Her body of works is the galaxy painting series. Recently she is exploring in between painting and sculpture or installation. She paints natural wonders on-site such as Yosemite.

In contrast to modern society where we pursue convenience, obtain everything quickly and then forget it, the way she paints painting by staring at the subject matter for a long time, experiencing it, and resolving it into a work of art with natural pigment produces political scenery that resists such modern society with eternity and silence.

Ohno has exhibited on an international scale with solo exhibitions from Kalart Gallery(San Fransisco) to Iwasawa Oriental Art (Los Gatos), Takashimaya (Tokyo), Radio House Gallery (NY), and Honma Museum (Japan). Select group exhibitions include “67thArt of the Northeast” curated by Devid Kiehl, Silvermine Art Gallery, CT; “Borderless” NYFA Exhibition, Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin;QCC Art Gallery and UBS Art Gallery, NY. She is a recipient of the Meguro Gajyoen Museum Award, LMCC/Creative Capital ASI, VSC Residency Fellowship, and the NYFA Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists. She received an MFA and a BFA from Musashino Art University in Tokyo where she was born.

Please visit www.hirokoohno.com for more details.

October 6

 106 E. Main Street
Los Gatos, CA 95030

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