• Sculpture, Courtesy of SFO Museum, c. 1980s
    bronze over looped wire, natural verdigris
    by Ruth Asawa (1926–2013)

  • Washi Vessels, Courtesy of SFO Museum, 1987
    antique Japanese paper, indigo dye; cut, machine stitched, folded
    by Kay Sekimachi (b. 1926) 


June 15 – February 23

 San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 2 Departures - Level 2 - Post-Security
San Francisco, CA 94110

California Studio Craft: featuring works from the Forrest L. Merrill collection

Studio craft combines the characteristics of traditional, handmade craft with the refined qualities of fine art. Made by professional artist-craftspeople who work in a variety of media, studio craft includes both utilitarian items and more experimental pieces that focus on aesthetics over function. During the mid-20th century, studio craft began to thrive in California. Working with materials such as clay, fiber, wood, metal, and glass, studio craft makers pioneered new directions in their respective media. With the support of college programming, exhibitions, and a burgeoning consumer market, makers utilized an artistic focus that bound craft more closely to the fine arts. A revolutionary studio craft movement emerged, and as the scene expanded around Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, other cities throughout the nation took notice. This exhibition features a number of makers who have left their own indelible marks on California studio craft, including two Japanese-American artists: metal sculptor Ruth Asawa (1926–2013) and fiber artist Kay Sekimachi (b. 1926).

This exhibition is located post-security in Terminal 2. To view the exhibit without a boarding pass, please contact curator@flysfo.com. Please note: visits must take place during regular business hours and visits must be scheduled at least one week in advance.


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